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The Voice Controller

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Using Voice Commands Activating the Microphone The Controller displays 🟢 Microphone is Off in the top left when it is not in use. Press Return or click 🟢 Microphone is Off to activate the Controller. The Controller will listen for a few seconds. It displays 🔴 Microphone is On when listening. If the Controller hears a Voice Command it will perform the appropriate action and then turn off, displaying 🟢 Microphone is Off Speech Recognition Automatic Speech-to-Text OpenMD.life uses this technology to improve accessibility of internet applications like the Utilities. This technology uses principles of Hands Free/Ticket Free design with the goal of reducing repeated stress, waste and other costs that physicians experience in manually searching for, documenting and printing medical information. You can share feedback about speech recognition or any other features at OpenMD.life/contact Speech Generation Automatic Text-to-Speech The OpenMD.life platform uses text to generate speech, Text-to-Speech. This helps users access information without having to read. Text-to-Speech is currently in use on millions of OpenMD.life pages. When Text-to-Speech is available the speaker icon below appears. The speaker icon indicates that nearby text can be spoken by a virtual reader. Click the speaker to play and pause the reader. Listen as text is read aloud. For more visit Utilities.life Fund Voice Commands Voice Commands are funded by Cloudfund.life Add Funds and grow this public enterprise service.
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